Group packages

Group packages

The Illusion Farm is simply an IDEAL place for an amazing school trip. We achieve educational goals in a way that is very pleasant for children :) 

This year, we offer three touring routes:

  • FIRST TIME ON THE FARM (for newcomers)

  • IN SEARCH OF NOVELTIES (for our regular visitors)

  • LITTLE EXPLORERS (specially for pre-schoolers)

Atention: come in September to get FREE GIFTS


to book group packages call: +48 537 048 534         PHNwYW4gbGFuZz0iZW4tVVMiPjxzdHJvbmc+Z3J1cHlAZmFybWFpbHV6amkucGw8L3N0cm9uZz48L3NwYW4+


Price list

Wybrane pozycje:

Basic package (guide for 2h included in the price)


Educational lesson “Cheerful illusion"


Cooking sausages on a campfire

od 6 zł

Meals (  download detailed offer)


One carer/adult for 10 children


Coffee, tea and sweet snacks for carers

Company parties

Company parties

The Illusion Farmis an ideal place for small company parties or big family picnics.

Depending on your needs, we can assign an area in the park or prepare a more discrete place for a picnic outside the park with individual attractions, catering and service.

Of course, a party organized on the Illusion Farm should not lack an Illusion Art show.
We collaborate with the best artists of the trade, who will provide incredible experiences for your guests. From small shows to big stage performances, full of magic props, levitating and quartered assistants as well as metamorphoses of various objects and people.

Check us up - ask about our offer! -

Note: it is impossible to close the whole park during its usual opening hours.

Birthday parties for children

Birthday parties for children

A birthday party on the Illusion Farm is an unforgettable experience both for the birthday boy or girl and his or her guests. All guests. We guarantee that
both little and big participants of such a party will have fond memories of the Farm.

You can come just like that without booking and if you show your identity card with the date of birth and this date will be within +/- 3 days of this day, you can enter the park for 1 PLN.

We also encourage you to organize full individual birthday parties here. We can assign an area for the exclusive use for you with a pinic tent, tables and a barbecue for sausages or other treats. We can prepare snacks for children and adults or you can bring them on your own. It’s totally up to you! :)

The party can be wonderfully complemented with an individual illusion show divided into two parts, one for children and one for adults. 

Admission ticket to the park for the person having birthday .... 1 PLN

Individual place with a barbecue and picnic benches for max 20 people ... 150 PLN

Private illusion show .... 300-700 PLN


To BOOK CALL: +48 502 208 453